Friday, March 16, 2007

Cleaning up the table

With some long due requests.

Privacy - too many "who are you guys and what the hell are you doing with my data", got us to put a privacy policy that goes to explain in detail how we deal with your data.
Yaniv is pushing for an "About Us" page... I still think that our boxes suffice for anyone who cares... we'll see who breaks first...

Connections - due to LinkedIn folks request, we've turned off display of the "Connections" bar by default. This is to emulate LinkedIn's current behavior that does not permit exposing ones connections to people that are not on the same network.

My network- this bar now provides a summary with current position&company, two predominate industries composing the connections pool and a list of people through which you are connected with the Box owner.

Favicon - now we've got ours.