Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Platform support

Here's a quick hack that will enable you to have your box on Pageflakes.

  1. On Pageflakes, click "ADD FEED" (on the top right)
  2. Put "" + box ID (the one you get by email once you register with the service. For example, my flake URL would be )
That's it :-).

Thanks to Steve Purkiss, we now have a Drupal platform support! the instructions on how to embed the box on are on his blog and a the Drupal module is here.

We've got few users requesting support for . If anyone from Wordpress is reading this, please drop us a line...

Microsoft Spaces - after watching this guy doing it, we went and tried it ourselves. It works. When creating a box, just choose the MySpace/HTML only option and copy the generated code into Spaces HTML Sandbox Gadget.